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Broad Creek Pump Station



Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission 14501 Sweitzer Lane Laurel, Maryland  20707

Dale Belschner, Group Leader (240) 328-3448 (Mobile) (301) 206-7415 (Office)



Cynergy entered into an $11 million design-build contract with WSSC to provide two 2.5MW 2400 volt diesel powered generators in a brick/block building located in an historic neighborhood. The nature of the building’s occupants required a high level of security.

A 4MW temporary diesel power plant was provided prior to the beginning of construction to provide reliable standby power. The design challenges consisted of; limited space for the new building, building architectural features required satisfying the historical commission, 55dba noise ordinances and scheduling constraints.  The new design is to provide sufficient generator capacity to provide back-up power for the entire facility. To accomplish this we had to provide two new 2.4KV 2500KW diesel powered generators, 8,000 gallon main fuel tank, two 275 gallon day tanks, vacuum breaker switchgear, neutral grounding resistors, intake and exhaust silencers, primary and secondary ultra quiet exhaust mufflers, wall mounted sound attenuated panels and sound attenuated building architectural features including doors, louvers, building exhaust systems, etc. The project was designed and constructed within 18 months.

The building was constructed of block with a Flemish bond brick veneer with a slate roof. Fascia, gutters and exposed architectural features were all supplied with custom matching paint. The building’s foundation consisted of a structural slab on poured piles. The 70’ piles were needed due to the poor soil conditions. Some existing site utilities had to be relocated to make room for the new building. A new service driveway was provided around the building.

Phased outages were required for the installation of the new 2.4KV feeder’s tying in the new generation system to the existing building’s 2.4KV switchgear. The generators, switchgear, fuel system, etc. were all connected to the customer’s SCADA system. A new remote HMI screen was installed in the existing pump station building.

Miscellaneous installation items included; fuel polishing system, fuel monitoring system, lighting, station power, low voltage circuits to the parasitic equipment in support of the generators, pump starters, variable frequency drives, control circuits, fans, etc.

Commissioning and field testing was a large component in the project. The new switchgear was provided with a spare breaker to facilitate a load-bank test or to connect a temporary generator during maintenance periods. Load-bank testing was performed on each generator using a 3MW 2400 volt load bank. The generator and systems as a whole were tested to demonstrate automatic capabilities. Third party testing was provided for all medium voltage equipment, generators and cables. Factory field services were provided for the generators, switchgear and automatic transfer switches. Factory witness testing of the generators was provided for the customer. Hands on training, classroom training and operation and maintenance manuals were provided for all operational systems.

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