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Rayburn House Office Building - 480V Switchgear and Transformer Replacement Project -Architect of the Capitol


Ford House Office Building

2nd & D Streets, SW Washington DC 20515

Bruce Wheeler (202)226-5624


Cynergy was awarded a $2,445,350.00 contract on August 11, 2009 to provide 480 volt switchgear and transformer replacements at the Rayburn House Office Building for the Architect of the Capitol. The nature of the building’s occupants required a high level of security. All vehicles and contents were subject to clearance, inspection and identification procedures conducted by the United States Capitol Police. All personnel were subject to a security background investigation.

Principle features of the project were as follows;

  • Replace 4000 amp 480 volt switchgear including draw-out breakers
  • Replace 4-1000KVA 13.8KV-480 volt Silicone filled network type transformers
  • Dispose of transformers as per EPA requirements for PCB contamination
  • Replace 4-1600 amp 480 volt network protectors and disconnect switches
  • Relocate and connect 15,000 volt primary feeders to the four network transformers
  • Replace a 800 amp switchboard with new 1200 amp 480 volt switchboard in the East garage
  • Replace 930 feet of aluminum bus with 1200 amp copper bus in the East garage
  • Replace 4 runs 2000 amp 480 volt bus between the network disconnects and switchgear
  • Install a new 800 amp 480 volt panelboard and relocate various feeders
  • Provide architectural and structural demolition and modifications including concrete pads, floors, walls and door hardware replacements
  • Provide new HVAC and ventilation equipment for the switchgear room and transformer vault
  • Provide asbestos floor abatement for the demolition of vinyl tile mastic
  • Paint the transformer vault floor with clear epoxy
  • Provide mechanical demolition and modifications, including piping, ventilation equipment, ductwork, controls, wiring and accessories for the equipment

Phased outages were required for the installation of the new switchgear and transformer equipment. An existing block wall had to be removed to accommodate the new switchgear location. The new switchgear was installed in a different location and phased outages were required to transfer loads from the old switchgear to the new. The switchgear had to be delivered to the site in sections on a weekend and rigged through a second floor window into the switchgear vault and assembled. The existing PCB contaminated transformers were removed from the building during after hours to minimize the exposure to personnel. A industrial hygienist was on site monitoring asbestos and PCB remediation activities. The switchgear and transformers were connected to the customer’s monitoring system.

Miscellaneous installation items included; fire alarm system, lighting, control circuits and low voltage circuits to the HVAC equipment and fans, etc. A new temperature control system was provided for the HVAC equipment.

Commissioning and field testing was a large component in the project. Third party testing was provided for all medium voltage equipment, bus duct and cables. Factory field services were provided for the hands on training, classroom training and operation and maintenance manuals were provided for all operational systems.


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