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5625 Fishers Lane Rockville, Maryland


JBG Commercial Management, LLC 5635 Fishers Lane Suite 0200 Terrace Level Rockville MD  20852  

The JBG Companies awarded Cynergy Electric a contract for the replacement of an existing 2,000KW 480 volt diesel generator for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) located at their ten story mid-rise building in Rockville, Maryland.

The building is used for offices and support laboratories for ongoing experiments by the NIH. Due to the critical nature of the experiments the NIH required a redundant reliable source of electrical back-up power for up to five days (120 hours) during outage periods. The facility is fed from a single source PEPCO feeder making the facility vulnerable to power outages, peaks and surges, during inclement weather.

Additional challenges were the Montgomery County building codes, restrictive site conditions, security requirements and the basic lack of required space needed for expansion. The existing facility was utilizing a single 2000 KW 480 volt diesel generator located outside the building in a weather-protective enclosure with a 6500 gallon base-mounted diesel tank. The existing system only carried emergency loads utilizing numerous transfer switches. The generator was undersized during peak demand periods and the diesel storage only allowed three days (72 hours) of support. The customer (NIH) desired to have the entire building on emergency back-up power.

Cynergy Electric designed a system that would carry the entire building’s load during peak demand periods including a 20% margin for future expansion. The design provided an extended period of back-up service to carry the peak demand load for up to five days (120 hours). One of the major challenges was the lack of working space available for the expansion of the new back-up generators. The challenge was met using two 2000KW hybrid gas-diesel generators on the basic footprint as the existing single 2000KW diesel generator. The design was unique in that the generators would start on 100% diesel and then curtail to 70% gas and 30% diesel, therefore extending the length of time for the available diesel fuel. Principle features of the design included the following:

  • 2-2000KW diesel-gas hybrid generator plants
  • 1-outside weatherproof sound attenuated walk-in enclosure
  • 2-3000 gallon base mounted diesel tanks
  • 2PSI natural gas distribution system
  • Replacement of the existing main-tie-main bolted pressure switches on the existing 4000 amp switchboard with new 4000 amp Square D MasterPact circuit breakers
  • Installation of a new 3000 amp manual transfer switch used for load-bank testing and temporary generator connection during maintenance periods. Key interlocks were used as an added safety feature.
  • Automatic start and remote monitoring equipment and features
  • Removal of existing automatic transfer switches and systems
  • Concrete pad and protective bollards
  • Protective coordination study

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