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Northrop Grumman
Replace 2000KW Temporary Generator



Northrop Grumman
9020 Junction Drive
Annapolis Junction, MD 20701
Michael Pozgar
(301) 497-1018 (office)

Cynergy performed a $662,852.00 contract for Northrop Grumman for the installation of a new 2000KW diesel generator. The project was awarded in August 2012 and completed in December 2012. The site had a portable generator in a trailer connected to transfer switchgear in a temporary manner. The customer wanted to have a permanent installation providing a secure, safe and reliable application of emergency power.

The general scope of work was the following:

  • Provide coordination and construction of the civil, mechanical and electrical installation
  • Provide electrical conduit and equipment layout
  • Provide equipment operating manuals, start-up and training of supplied equipment
  • Interface and coordination with the inspection authorities
  • Provide coordination with major equipment suppliers including; tank, generator, controls, etc.
  • Provide an electrical design approved by the local authority having jurisdiction
  • Provide a civil design for the equipment supporting pad
  • Provide a 2-year 3000 hour basic standby limited warranty on the generator
  • Provide a 1-year parts and labor warranty on all Cynergy supplied new equipment
  • Provide a 1-year preventive maintenance inclusive of two visits with one oil change for the generator and one visit for the transfer switches
  • Provide and install a 2000 KW, 2500 KVA @ .8 P.F. MTU 16V4000 diesel single packaged 480wye277-volt generator with 2000KW alternator, critical grade silencer, unit mounted radiator, manifolds for exhaust, lead acid batteries, exhaust flex, fuel oil flex lines, battery charger, lube system, vibration isolators and skid-mounted DGC 2020 control panel, UL 142 double-wall 3500 gallon base-mounted fuel tank, fuel level monitoring devices, fuel alarms, vents, custom electrical stub-up area, fuel water separator, locking fill cap, painted black and labels, 2-1600 amp frame generator breakers, outdoor 14 gauge weather-protective sound enclosure to meet 78 dBA at 23 feet, Intake and discharge louvers, block heater, alternator heater, enclosure interior lighting and switch, enclosure station service panel
  • RDP-110 remote mimic Inteligen panel installed in the electrical room
  • 8- Sets of 4 conductors 500MCM THHN and ground wire install between the 2,000 KW generator breakers outside and the existing transfer switches inside

The existing portable generator had to be relocated and connected to provide emergency power during the construction. The new concrete pad and duct-bank was installed prior to the new unit’s arrival so it could be placed right on the pad. After the new tank was tested fuel was provided for load-bank testing and customer use. A new electrical circuit was installed from the building to feed the new station panel inside the enclosure. Start and monitoring wiring was installed via the underground duct-bank to the building’s emergency switchgear and new monitoring panel.

All rigging and millwright work was performed by Cynergy personnel for the generator and all electrical materials.

Miscellaneous installation items including; low voltage circuits to the parasitic equipment in support of the generator, control circuits, etc. Commissioning and field testing were a large component in the project.. Factory field services were provided for the generator. Hands on training and operation and maintenance manuals were provided for all operational systems.

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