Cynergy Electric Company, Inc.

WSSC Emergency Standby Generator for the Parkway WTP

14501 Sweitzer Lane
Laurel, Maryland 20707-5902
Steve Fulginiti, Project Manager (Retired)
(240) 687-4217 (mobile)
(301) 206-4217 (office



Cynergy entered into an $504,185.00 design-build contract with WSSC to provide one 900KW 2400 volt diesel powered generator in an existing brick/block building located at the Parkway WTP in Laurel, Maryland. The nature of the building’s occupants required a high level of security during construction.

The major equipment for the project included a MTU 900KW 2400 volt diesel generator, a 3000 gallon Highland Fireguard aboveground diesel storage tank, a Square D 5KV fused HVL indoor NEMA 1 switch, a 350 gallon Tramont double wall day tank and a IEA remote direct drive 25HP radiator with remote expansion tank.

The foundation design for the 3000 gallon above ground storage tank consisted of 26’ deep helical piles with two grade beams setting on top. The tank was supported by the two grade beams setting on two piles each. An access pad was designed and installed for the main tank access ladder. A concrete pad was designed and installed for the remote radiator and a housekeeping pad was provided for the new 5KV switch.

All fuel, after cooler and jacket water piping was installed using schedule 40 black steel. The exhaust silencer was installed remote above the generator suspended from the buildings roof support steel. A stainless steel flexible WYE connection was used between the engine and silencer and a wall thimble was used for the exterior penetration. The exhaust system was insulated with rock wool insulation and the cooling piping was insulated with fiberglass insulation.

Miscellaneous installation items included; fuel monitoring system, reconfiguring the existing ventilation system, low voltage circuits to the parasitic equipment in support of the generator, diesel fuel, control circuits, etc.

Commissioning and field testing was a large component in the project. A load bank test was conducted and a phase rotation test was performed. The generator and systems as a whole were tested to demonstrate automatic capabilities. Third party testing was provided for all medium voltage equipment, generators and cables. Factory field services were provided for the generator, fuel monitoring system, radiator, day tank and main fuel tank. Hands on training and operation and maintenance manuals were provided for all operational systems.

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