Cynergy Electric Company, Inc.

Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC)

Anacostia WWPS Power Reliability Part 2

Cynergy performed a $1.75 million contract direct for the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission for the electrical improements to the Anacostia Waste Water Pumping Station in the city of Capitol Heights, MD. The existing electrical outdoor roof mounted substation was replaced along with 2-200HP VFD’s.

Principle features of the project were as follows;

  • Expansion of the existing substation yard to include removal/replacement of formed lined brick wall to accommodate the new outdoor unit substation.
  • Provide new concrete equipment pad to include built in containment pit for liquid filled transformers
  • Provide new sump pump and control panel for sensing of oil and removal of water in pit
  • Provide new 5kv interrupter switches.
  • Provide new 5kv-480V liquid filled transformers
  • Replace the existing Variable Frequency Drives
  • Provide new 480V M-T-M switchgear in NEMA 3R enclosure
  • Provide new remote breaker control.
  • Revise the existing Pump Control Panel
  • Provide new generator docking station connected to new switchgear for temporary generator connection
  • Provide new power and control wiring and accessories for the equipment

The project entailed keeping the existing pumping station operational during the entire construction process. This was achieved through detailed scheduling and constant communications between Cynergy Electric, the Engineer of record (Shah & Assoc.) and the end user (WSSC). There was an extensive amount of field testing, training of personnel on the new equipment and providing a coordination study.

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